kTherapy with Katherine Allen, LMFT is conveniently located in Hanover NH, and serves the Upper Valley region. There is ample parking and the building is fully accessible. 45 Lyme Road is on the Brown Line for bus travelers.

45 Lyme Rd., Suite 310A
Hanover, NH 03755 [Google Map]

You can contact Katherine via e-mail and phone

k [at] ktherapy [dot] com


This Google Map will help get you to the kTherapy office. If you’re familiar with the area, it might help to know that the kTherapy office is directly next door to the Hanover Co-op Market.

Social media

kTherapy is also on Facebook and Twitter, frequently sharing and commenting on contemporary mental health issues. For ethical and privacy reasons, Katherine will never discuss any individual issues on any public forum.

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